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3D Face Modeling for Beginners using Autodesk Maya

Learn modeling faster
Saptarshi Roy
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At the end of my course , students will learn how to model a face in 3d from scratch using 2d references and can apply their knowledge in building models for games , anmimation and 3d Printing .
Students can apply the techniques shown in this course to build not only face but any organic or inorganic character.

Hello friends welcome to my online 3d face Modeling course. My name is Saptarshi Roy I am a 3d Character modeler  . I have worked in various domestic and international projects related to 3d animation and films. Throughout my career I mostly worked in MAYA for building my 3d Models. Well Autodesk Maya is a very powerful software which is used in many leading animation companies for creation of 3d art work an animation. Recently I have gone through many tutorials and have found those awesome and very useful, but I think learning Maya is not that easy and watching a tutorial for complete Maya wont help . Through experience and practice you can enhance your skills in the fields you choose like Modeling , texturing and animation.

If I would have been a beginner I would definitely want to learn Maya quickly. Being a professional character modeler I understand what is required to teach cause Maya is vast and takes time to learn everything. So I have focused on specific tools required for Modeling a 3d Face. In my course I have explained about various modeling tools and have shown you to build a 3d face from a reference. I have also added the Maya files and the reference images for the course for you. 

So students who are eager to learn fast Modeling techniques can come to my course and enhance their skills



Course introduction and features

About the course & Resource Files

I have added the image planes and Maya file with this lecture

Basics of Maya

Maya Interface & Tools basics

In this lecture I will give a basic idea about the interface of Maya software and show you the modeling tools required for our project. I will also show you how to create a customized tool in this lecture.

Working with Duplicate Instance

In this lecture i will show you how to work with symmetrical models using duplicate instance. This will help you to be a smart and quick modeler. 

Necessity of Image Planes
Image Plane Setup

References are important for our modeling process. learn how to setup an image plane in this chapter

Modeling the Face

Building the Base

Building the base is the most important part of any Model. In this lesson i will show you how to build a base from a 2d reference. The better you model the base the easier it will be to model your character. I will show you a quick and fast way of building the base .The process I will show you is different from box modeling technique and is easier. Please follow it carefully and practice it .

Importance of proper mesh flow

In this chapter learn how to get proper mesh flow and the importance of it.

Head detail Part 1

Well in this lesson we will start detailing the face. I will use the tools i showed you in the earlier lessons to add details to eyes mouth and nose. Detailing takes a lot of time and effort. the more you practice the better results you will get. if you find the video fast please pause it check my workflow.

Head detail Part 2

In this lesson i will continue my detailing process and show you the ear building process. In this video i have also mentioned some other techniques of building an ear. 

Head detail Part 3 A

This chapter involves lot of tweaking and modifying to get the required shape of the face. I will also show you the usage of sculpt polygon tool in this chapter

Head detail Part 3 B

In this lesson I will show the process of adding eye balls to our model

Head detail Part 4

In this chapter we will finish the process of detailing our model. We will follow the reference to make our model as close as it is.  Then practice building one for yourself.

Modeling the hair

The process of modeling the hair is different from modeling a face as hair is not symmetrical . In this chapter i will guide you through the process of modeling a polygonal hair.

Modeling the Eyebrows

In this chapter we will use the same process we did for modeling the hair and build eye brows for our model.

Final Output

Adding colors & final presentation

Here I will show you the process of coloring the model. I wont be showing texturing cause my course is for modeling. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed a lot. Please Practice and make good models for yourself and share me your progress. Hope to see you soon with my next course.

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