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Advertising visual in Photoshop and Cinema 4D

Learn how to create 3d typography in Cinema 4D and do creative retouching and compositing in Photoshop
Kate Snitser
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Create 3d typography in Cinema 4D
Add lights and materials in Cinema 4D
Render different passes to use in compositing
Create professional composites for advertisement
Use texture brushes and advanced masking techniques in Photoshop
Paint realistic shadows and highlights
Tips and tricks for compositing and bringing all elements together
Add new project to online portfolio

From sketching your idea to final realistic 3d illustration.

In this project based course I`ll show you how to create 3d typography in Cinema 4d, how to apply simple materials and render different passes which you can use for compositing. You don`t need to be an expert in CInema 4d, you might even open it for the first time. It is very intuitive and easy to follow program and I`ll explain every step on the way.

Next, I`ll walk you through the process of adding details and elements to your typography in Photoshop. We`ll learn how to create melted liquids, paint shadows and lights and use brushes to add more detailed textures. For this it`s preferable that you have basic knowledge of Photoshop, such as understanding of the layer masks, clipping masks, adjustments layers and blending modes  Since I`ll concentrate more on advanced technics and tricks that will help to get all elements together and create believable composite.

At the end of this course you`ll have one more work to put to your portfolio and hopefully a ton of ideas for your next projects.

The course contains of 5 Parts.

Part 1: Sketching your idea

Part 2: Creating base shape  in Cinema 4d

Part 3: Adding lights and materials in Cinema 4D. Rendering

Part 4: Adding textures and melted liquid to the typography ice cream in Photoshop

Part 5: Working with composition, adding raspberries, depth of field and final color grading in Photoshop

Who is this course for: 

This course is for creative designers and retouchers who want to bring their skills to the next level. As well as for those, who are thinking to change focus of their career and became commercial retoucher.

Welcome. Part 1


Find out what you`ll learn in this course

Sketching your idea

Part 2.

Modeling the first letter
Phrase modeling
Adding floor and ice cream stick

Part 3.

Adding lights
Adding materials to the ice cream
Compositing passes and render settings

Part 4.

Importing passes and render image to Photoshop. Adding colorful background
Adding melted liquid and standing shadow for it
Adding ice frost texture to the ice cream
Adding wooden texture to the stick. Painting ice cream shadows and highlights

Part 5.

Adding raspberries in front and behind ice cream. Drawing realistic shadows
Creating depth of field by adding raspberries
Final color correction
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