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Create Fun Monsters in ZBrush 4 R7 – learn to sculpt in 3D

Learn to create fantastic Monsters in ZBrush 4 R7 and more importantly have fun learning this fantastic program - Zbrush
David Newton
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English [Auto-generated]
Have an understanding of ZSphers for setting a base mesh to sculpt on
Understand Dynamesh and its uses
Know how to use ZRemesher for creating good topology
Understand FIbre mesh for creating hair and fur
Be able to do basic rendering from ZBrush

Welcome to this Monster creation course in ZBrush
My Name is David Newton a Creative specialist with over 20 years professional experience.

In this course we will be creating a monster from scratch, at the end of this course you will have all the tools and knowledge to create monsters of your own confidently.

Here are a few of the main elements we will cover during this course

  • Creating a base mesh with ZSperes
  • Using dynemesh to build up our sculpt
  • Retopologise our sculpt
  • Add fine dteail and extra such as hair, teeth, eyes and a tshirt
  • Adding fur
  • Posing our model
  • Final output and render

This course has specifically been created for Beginners to Intertmediates, using my workflows it will be easy for you to follow and develop your own styles in ZBrush

Start learning ZBrush today…

Beginners Guide to ZBrush

Intro and the basics ZBrush 4 r7

If you are new to Zbrush please watch this short video, it will help you get up to speed very quickly. If you are intermediate or advanced then you can skip this, however I do cover custom palettes so it could be of use :)

Creating Our Monster from Scratch

Let create our base mesh using ZSpheres

Lets start the creation of our Fun Monster in ZBrush, we will fisrt set our base mesh to do this we will use ZSpheres, this is a quick way to create a starting mesh to build upon.


The Base Mesh

Now we have finished creating our base mesh, we can start to add our primary shapes.

Adding Eyes and Hair

In this lesson we will add two new subtools, the eyes and the hair.

Lets get extracting!

We will now do a mesh extraction to create our t-shirt and also our eyebrows.

Whats a monster without teeth!

Part 1: Creating our Gums and teeth.

Gums and Teeth part 2

In this lesson we will finish up with our lower and upper gums and teeth.


Lets now look at our model and do a little tweaking.

Adding our Eyelids and Tongue

To create our eyelids we will use the eye subtool and duplicate it, we will then add it to the body dynamesh and make it one tool.

The tongue will be created adding a ZSphere to the subtools and that will give us the ability to adjust directly within the scene.

Working on the hands

Lets now start to refine the hands.

Refining the feet

Lets now add more detail and adjust the feet.

Cleaning up our topology

Lets now create a low res version of out model and also clean up the topology using ZRemesher.

Remesh the rest

Now you have used ZRemesher we need to go through the rest of the sub tools.

Nails and detailing

In this lesson we will do a mesh extraction to create the nails and also add more detail to the body.

Hairt styling and T-Shirt detailing

The hairs not looking too good so lets spend a little time refining it, also we need to strat adding folds/creases to our t-shirt.


Lets now finish off the detail in our t-shirt.

Strike a pose

Getting our characters posed right is essential for a good image, we will spend some time looking at t-pose.
And use this to get our sculpt into a good pose.

Adding fur/hair

Using fibre mesh I will show you quickly how to get good fur/hair on your model.

Set up for render

Its important to know a little about the render process so lets have a look at the doc size and setting up a camera shot as well as render setting over the next two lessons.

Final render putting it together in photoshop

Well this is the final lesson :( I hope you have created an awesome Monster.
Finally we will add the outputs to photoshop and have a quick look at compositing.

Please send me your creations it would be great to see how you are proceeding!

Take the quiz

ZBrush Exam

Lets see if you have been paying attention answer this short quiz :)


For those who have finished the course a massive "Well done!" for those still completing the course "Keep it up!" I just want to say thank you for choosing me and my course, it is really appreciated and means that I can produce more great courses for you in the future!

Stay up to date with the latest courses and development as well as offers from us by visiting me at my website.

Feel free contacting me for a particular course to be created I welcome student feedback and that way I know what you want!

I hope you had fun learning with this course and hope to see you at my other courses, please give me a review if you loved the course, if you did not like it also let me know, I take students opinions very seriously!

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All the Best David


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