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Fashion Design: Stitches and Zippers in Marvelous Designer

Design a 3D Hoodie Sweater with Stitches and Zippers
Charles Elum
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English [Auto-generated]
Basics of adding Stitching to an Garment
Basics of adding a Zipper to a garment
How to make a Hoodie or Jacket with Hood
How to Sew Garment Pieces
Using the Internal Polygon Tool to Cut out Designs

This course will teach you to create a Hoodie Sweater with a Zipper and Stitching. By learning to create these details you will be able to create many type of detailed elements for you future designs.

This course is about being able to turn a flat drawing or sketch into real looking clothing using 3D software. You will get lectures that cover tool and concepts along with Marvelous designer files of the final output and textures used.

By taking this course will be learning about a tool that covers more than just fashion but it opens up other industries like game and movies. You will be learning a skill where you can either save money for your fashion company or provide 3D clothing for your game characters.  



You will learn what is needed for this course.

You may download the Class Materials here.


Modes and UI

Briefly discuss the modes and where things are located


You will learn basic movement in 3D using Marvelous Designer

Create a Hoodie with a zipper and stitches

Adding pattern image for tracing

You will learn how to add a image to a polygon for tracing out the pattern.

Tracing pattern with the internal polygon tool

You will learn how to trace out a pattern using the internal polygon tool.

Sewing the pattern

You will learn to use the sewing tools.

Position the pattern and duplicate

You will move the pattern into place in preparation for simulation.

Sewing continued

More sewing ! 

Making minor size adjustments

We will increase the size of the pattern pieces for a better fit!

Changing the fabric type

We will change the fabric type of the garment to help it feel more life like.

Create sleeve cuffs and hem band

We will use the internal polygon tool and "cut and sew" option to create a cuff and hem.

Change color to sleeve and hem band

We will change the color of the cuff and hem, thus creating a new fabric! 

Adding Welf and Warp to cuff and hem band

We will make the cuff and hem tighter around. 

Cut design into front and back of garment

Using the internal polygon tool we will create a nice design on the front and back of the hoodie.

Adding a Zipper to your hoodie

New! In Marvelous Designer 7 We will add a zipper to the garment! 

Adding Stitching to your garment

New! In Marvelous Designer 7 We will add stitches to the garment! 

Adding more details and changing color and thickness of fabric

More details to add to the garment! 

Adding particle distance

Adding particle distance will help the garment look much better for your close ups!

Posing and taking a snapshot

Final video for this course, we will pose our avatar and take a snapshot! 

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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