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How to sculpt Creature Concept at ZBrush

Learn how to make Creature Concept at ZBrush in a fast and easy way.
Sergiy B.
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English [Auto-generated]
Learn how to desighn Your creature.
Learn how to sculpt Your creature.
Learn how to render and make great looking concept.

This training course is for students that already know basics of ZBrush.

At this training course You will learn how to sculpt and render amazing creature using ZBrush plus I will show You post-production process at Photoshop and You will learn how to create a high quality concepts in a short amount of time and in best quality.

Course designed in easy and comprehensive way, that's why You would be able to explore entire from start to finish process of creating amazing concepts.

At this course I will personally explain each step that I do at the sculpting process and at the end of this course YOU will be able to create Your own amazing creatures within short period of time.


Course Overview

First steps

Sketching at Photoshop

At this lecture You will learn how to make sketch for Your creature. This would help You to develop Your own technique of sketching different creatures.

Base modeling

At this lecture You will learn how to rely onto Your sketch You can make base model of Your future creature.This is a crucial step that would influence Your future work.

Detailing process

Adding details
Continuing detailing process
Adding more details
Finishing detailing process

I have added my skin alphas to this lecture.


Star to make textures
Continue to make textures
Finishing texturing process

Rendering and postprocessing

Rendering at ZBrush

At this part I will show You how to make correct render settings in order to make amazing image at post production stage.This is very important step and You should learn and then practice this techniques.

Finishing at photoshop part 1

At this and next lesson You will explore how to make amazing post production in order to get cool looking final image.This should teach and inspire You to make Your own concepts of different creatures.

Finishing at photoshop part 2
You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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