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Introduction to 3Ds Max

series of courses from beginner to professional and money making level
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To easily work with 3Ds max , control everything inside any 3D scene . Creating 3D models in minimum time possible . This course is the beginning of a course series and at the end of all you will be able to create any object you in a short time with high quality and make high quality renders and images for it . Generally you will be able to sit home and earn money by creating 3d models online .

Hey guys , in this course we will learn everything important to know about 3Ds max to be able to work with this software and control it . we will learn about most of the useful tools which you need to learn before you can start working on a project like creating a model , improvement and so on . we will work on understanding the basic principles of 3Ds max like how to create something , how to edit it or how to move it , how to control our view ports  and lots of other stuff . 

You also should keep this in mind that this is the first course of a series . The second course of these series is about 3d modeling with 3Ds max which by the end of that course you will become a professional in creating 3d models , any 3d model . and the 3rd course of the series is 3D rendering with key shot which it is super powerful software for 3D rendering also very quick and realistic renders . 


Ways to make money with 3D design

View Port

View port

View Ports :

In this lesson we are going to talk about the place that we work and create our object in . Knowing the working area is the first important element that you must learn about 3ds max . By default there are 4 window which show your object from 4 different views . So we are going to cover more about the in the lesson .


View Port Layouts :

In this lesson we will talk about the different layouts we can create for ourselves to work in a better and more comfortable view port according the what we are working on at the moment . Having this knowledge can help you to work faster with better quality . We will talk about layouts more inside the lesson .


View Port Control :

It is very important to know how you can control and navigate your view port , easy and quick . Remember that time and quality are one of the most important things in projects like this . So in this lesson you will learn how to navigate and control your view ports and also we are going to talk about it the hot keys for navigating .Hot keys will increase your working speed a lot more . So let's start our lesson .

Top Bar

Top bar 1 : move , rotate , scale ...

Top bar 1:

In this lesson we are going to talk about one of the most important tools we need in 3ds max . There is a bar at the top of the software which include several tools . we are going to talk about these tools in three different lesson because they are too much and we can't learn all in one lesson . So in this lesson we will talk about how we can select , move , rotate or scale our objects inside 3ds max . So let's get started .

Top bar 2 : Spans , Selections ...

Top bar 2:

In this lesson we will continue talking about the other elements on the top bar , which for now will be snaps and making selections . these 2 element will help us a lot in working faster and cleaner . If you  have some complicated scenes and if you don't use selections , sometimes it will be very hard to select your objects for just a small change . So let's start our lesson to learn more about them .

Top bar 3 : Mirror , Materials , Render

Top bar 3:

In this lesson we will talk about the final part of elements on our top bar . We will start talking about an ability which is called "mirror" and later we will speak about materials and renders . We will not cover everything about materials or rendering settings because they are very complicated and huge topics which each can be a separate course . So to learn more about them let's start our lesson .

Create and Modify


Geometry :

In this course we will learn more about the basics of creating any 3d object . This lesson is very simple and easy to understand . In this lesson we will learn how to create box , sphere , cylinder and other 3d objects . so let's get started .

Shapes , Lights , Cameras

Shapes,Lights,Cameras :

In this lesson we will continue to learn more about creating other things which exist in 3ds max and they are very useful like lights and cameras . We will start by drawing some lines and later on we will continue with lighting and cameras . So let's get started . 


Modify : 

Modify is one of the most important part of this software . If you know it complete you can do almost anything inside 3ds max . Modify is actually the place for editing our objects , and also it has a large number of effects which we can apply them to our objects to make a change . let's start to learn more about modify .



Extrude :

Well extrude is one of the most useful tools that can help hast create our objects a lot easier . In this lesson we will learn about it and later in 3d modeling course we will work a lot with it and thn you can see what kind of objects we can create with the help of extrude .

Particle & Animation

Particles and animation :

In this lesson we speak a little about particles and animation as a bonus for those people who are interested in this topic . Generally this topic is very huge and itself can be a separate course . so let's learn the basics of particles and animation .


Bonus lecture: Other cool stuff!
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