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Learn Cinema 4D: Low Poly Tree

Start learning Cinema 4D by creating a beautiful Low Poly tree in this quick and easy course.
Jonathan Lam
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Create basic 3D models in Cinema 4D
Light a 3D scene
Render 3D scenes in Cinema 4D
Export your scene to Photoshop
Tips and Tricks in Photoshop

Do you want to learn 3D modelling quickly & easily by creating trendy low poly artwork? You can do it in this course and learn the basics of Cinema 4D by creating a Low Poly Tree! This class is perfect for designers, illustrators and anyone else who would like to learn a bit of 3D modelling to add to their designs. 

Get started with 3D modelling & take this course now to learn Cinema 4D in just a few hours

  • Create basic low poly 3D models in Cinema 4D to be used for your illustrations or video game projects.
  • Learn a basic scene and lighting set up.
  • Learn how to render your scene in cinema 4D.
  • Create basic materials and colours for your models and backgrounds.
  • Basic tips and tricks to improve your image in Adobe Photoshop

Low Poly Art for Illustrations & Video Game projects

In this course you will learn the basics of how to emulate this trendy art style which has been used in popular games such as Journey and Monument Valley. For games, lowpoly is important for optimisation which is measured with the polycount of your model. The higher the polycount is for your model, the longer it takes for the system to render it. 

Content & Overview

This is a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to 3D programs like Cinema 4D. Starting with a basic overview of the program, the course will help familiarise you with the tools you will need first. 

With the basics complete, the course will take you through how I created the lowpoly wolf step by step. We will break down the model to make understanding the process easier, starting with the body of the wolf and finishing with the paws.

Students completing this course will have the knowledge to create basic shapes and characters in the lowpoly style in Cinema 4D.

I have included the Cinema 4D file to download at the end of the course for you to use as reference. So you’ll be able to work alongside the videos to create your tree. Please feel free to share your creations as well! 

Getting Started


In this video you will be given a brief introduction about what you will be learning throughout the course.

Tree Sketches

In this video we will go through how I start creating ideas and basic silhouettes for the tree in Adobe Photoshop.

Create an Abstract Tree

Cinema 4D Overview

In this lesson I will explain the work space in Cinema 4D and take you through how to create basic shapes. 

Create Tree Trunk

In this video I'll explain how to manipulate basic shapes and polygons to create the tree trunk using Cinema 4D.

Create Tree Branches

In this video I'll explain how to manipulate basic shapes and polygons to create the tree branches using Cinema 4D.

Create Tree Leaves

In this video I'll explain how to manipulate basic shapes and polygons to create the tree leaves using Cinema 4D.

Adding Colours

In this video I'll explain how to create different coloured materials using Cinema 4D.

Adding Light

In this video I'll explain how to create a lighting set up for your render using Cinema 4D.


In this video I'll explain how to render your lowpoly tree and what settings to use in Cinema 4D.


In this video I'll explain how to import your render from Cinema 4D into Adobe Photoshop and some basic tips and tricks to improve your image.


Final Thoughts

In this video I'll go through what we've learnt in the course and my final thoughts on the process of creating a lowpoly tree in Cinema 4D.

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