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Learning Maya after knowing 3ds Max : Modeling

Want to learn how to use Maya after you already know 3ds max? Making the switch was never easier.
Bradley Wascher
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Overview of fundamental UI differences
Location of most used tools and techniques for modeling
Explaining high poly modeling workflow
Creating and editing UV's
Baking out maps from inside of Maya

*This course has been updated to the latest version of Maya 2017

It can be hard feeling completely lost when you already know the fundamentals and the software is the only thing getting in your way. You may be pulling your hair out, because your speed and process have been thrown out the door. You may be knowing what you want to create but getting nowhere trying to accomplish it.

Most tutorials for learning Maya are fundamentals videos that are long and drawn out, covering topics that you already understand. You’re just looking for the information on how to transfer the skills you already have from working in 3ds max. You may be spending large amounts of time scanning through tons of beginner videos only to find the videos overlook the advanced techniques you use. Sometimes the techniques you use aren’t even available in Maya. This becomes irritating and wastes your time.

This video series is designed to get you up to speed inside of Maya and have you wondering why it ever seemed so hard to transfer between software in the first place. All of the main tools and techniques that are used in everyday video game art development (modeling, unwrapping, and baking) will be explained and cross referenced to what you would use inside of 3ds max. So if you’re in need of getting up to speed inside of Maya for a new job position or are a student looking to improve your resume to become more attractive to employers this video series is perfect for you.

Overview of course

In this video I will be providing a detailed overview of what to expect from the sections below.

Navigating Maya's UI

Basic UI Layout

Overview of Maya's User Interface

Rotating, Zooming, Panning the Camera

This section covers how to move the camera around inside of the viewports in maya.

Viewport Navigation

Changing and editing the viewports inside of Maya

Creating Primitives

Talks about the different ways that primitives can be created inside of Maya.

Modeling Inside of Maya

Selecting different sub-object modes

How to select, verts, edges, faces, and other modes for editing or manipulation.

Duplicating meshes
Snapping tools in Maya

Adjusting the pivot of your model and also covers different snapping modes and options.

Editing object's pivot point

In this video we will be covering how to edit an objects pivot point. You will learn how to edit the pivot so that you can move it to where you need within a model.

Marking Menus

How to use the marking menu's inside of Maya

Creating high poly models in Maya

Explaining the process for creating high poly models ready for baking inside of Maya.

Combining and separating meshes

In this video we will be covering how to combine and separate meshes from each other inside of Maya. At the end of this video you will be able to have the skills to understand how to do it at the object level and at the face level. 

Using Symmetry

How to set up symmetry on your model for in viewport viewing.

Smoothing groups inside of Maya

How to assign and use smoothing groups inside of Maya.

Creating and editing a custom shelf

Creating a custom shelf to speed up your modeling inside of Maya.

Setting up a custom grid

Setting up custom grid sizes and appreances.

Attributes Editor
Deleting History

In this video we go over how to deal with the history inside of Maya and how you can control it. By the end of this video you should have an understanding of how to work with history and manage it properly. 

Freezing Transforms

In this video we will be going over how to freeze the transforms on an object. By the end of this video you should have the skills to understand how to freeze the transforms on an object. 

Using the Outliner

In this video we talk about the outliner and its usage inside of Maya. At the end of this video you should have a high level understanding of what the outliner does and how to use it when managing your scenes inside of Maya.

Maya's Material Editor

Using the Material Editor inside of Maya

Locating and using the material editor inside of Maya.

Unwrapping Inside of Maya

UV Editor Overview / Basic UV controls

The basics of using the UV editor inside of Maya.

UV Editor Overview / Basic UV controls part 2

How to use the different unwrapping modes and more advanced techniques for creating UV's.

Creating a second lightmap channel

How to set up a second light map channel for your mesh inside of Maya.

Baking Maps in Maya

Baking normal maps

Creating a cage and baking out a normal map all from within Maya.


Course conclusion

A conclusion on what to do moving forward after finishing this course and what you should have learned during it.

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