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Learning Sketchup for Beginners

Learn how to use Sketchup quickly and easily
Todd Wilberdon
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use all of the essential Sketchup tools
draw basic architectural drawings like in the course project
show others that they just learned a new skill!

Welcome to the course, Learning Sketchup for Beginners!

As the course name suggests, the tutorial series is intended to be easy. Being the instructor I have done my best to visually show you how to use every essential tool, and how to complete your first mini project step by step. After completing this course you will know the software well enough to show off a new talent at work or design something you have always been trying to visualize.

 The course is broken into two main components. First you will learn each essential tool one by one. Then you will create from scratch a complete mini house both inside and out.

If you are a person who has recently felt that being able to draw 3D architecture would be a huge asset to your bag of skills, then this course is for you. And don’t worry! This course is truly simple. 

So thank you for considering to learn Sketchup with this simple hour and a half course. Sketchup is a very valuable skill to have so why not begin learning Sketchup today?

Download, Install, and Open

Downloading and Installing Sketchup

In this lecture we will cover how to download Sketchup if you have not already got it on your computer. In this course we will be using the free version, Sketchup Make. 

Opening your First Document

In this lecture we will open your first document. Please be aware that this course will work in feet and inches. 

Your Sketchup Tool Box

Orbit, Pan and Zoom

Lets take a look at the orbit, pan and zoom features!

Select Tool

Lets take a look at the select tool!

Eraser Tool

Lets take a look at the eraser tool!

Shapes and Line Tool

Here we will take a look at the shapes and line tools.

Push Pull Tool

Here we will try out the push pull tool.

Move Tool

Here we will try out the move tool.

Rotation Tool

In this lecture we will take the rotate tool for a spin!

Follow Me Tool

Lets take a look at the follow me tool.

Scale Tool

Lets try out the scale tool.

Offset Tool

Lets learn to use the offset tool.

Tape Measure Tool

Lets try out the tape measure tool.


Lets see the different types of text we can add in Sketchup.

Component vs. Object

In this lecture we will cover the difference between a component and an object in Sketchup.

Your First Project: Mini House

How to Follow Along

In this lecture we will cover some tips on how to follow along when using the next few lectures to complete your first mini project: a house.

Drawing the Floor Plan

In this lecture we will begin our mini house project by drawing the floor plan out then extruding it.

Adding Doors and Windows

In this video you will see how to add holes in the wall to place in windows and doors.

Adding Interior Textures

In this lecture we will take a look at adding some interior textures including carpet, tiles, and wall colors.

Inserting Interior Components

In this tutorial you will learn how to add doors and windows to your house as well as interior components such as a couch off of 3D warehouse. Download the attached document for the mini house components as seen in the lecture. 

Making a New Layer

Here we will learn how to make layers that can be turned on or off in Sketchup.

Adding the Roof

In this video you will see the roof being added to the house. You will also see why layers are so important.

Adding Exterior Textures

In this video we will add some color to the outside of the house!

Inserting Exterior Components

In this video we will go through adding some exterior components to spice up the house.

Exporting Images of Your Project

Here we will learn how to export images of our house, and how to set different resolutions to the pictures.


Thank You!

Thanks for taking the course!

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