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Mechanic Game Design Using Blueprint In Unreal Engine 4

Learn Unreal blueprints by developing 3D games with this comprehensive guide from begin to finish
MerlionSG Academy
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How to master beginner blueprint concepts, like variables, "if" statements, and arrays
How to create basic material setup
How to use detect collisions, receive user input, and create game mechanics
How to create camera setup and toggle team
How to create level creation
How to create player controller for each player
How to set up the piece parent and create the piece spawning logic on the chess board
How to create dynamic material for chess and board
How to create chess function library
How to create "HighlightValidPoints" (without logic, just string input)
How to create piece selected
How to create movement logic for King
How to create movement logic for Queen
How to create movement logic for Bishop
How to create movement logic for Knight
How to create movement logic for Pawn
How to create attack system for King
How to create attack system for Queen
How to create attack system for Bishop
How to create attack system for Knight
How to create attack system for Pawn
How to create Castling logic in "GetAllPossibleMoves”
How to create Highlight Checked King function
How to create Menu Level
How to create GameOver widget with simple function such as "Restart", "Menu", "Quit".
How to create "KingDeathCheck" function
How to create “CheckMate” to end the turn

Often times, learning a new game engine can be difficult, especially when it comes to Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine 4 makes your 3D games stand out, as long as you know how to properly use it.

This course will teach you exactly how to use it. The 8 lectures course (which only takes over three hours of your time) starts off with the basics. It teaches you how to implement the basics to create great visuals that are real to the human mind. From there, you are taught simple, clear concepts. That way it’s easy to follow and Unreal Engine 4 becomes much easier to use.

The best part is, you will use the concepts learned for every single game project that you will ever develop. You will even discover and love using the difficult feature, the marketplace. While others (who didn’t take the course) will find that feature hard to maneuver.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Apply what you learned to build your own games from start to finish.

  • Organize your game development to make your workflow not only quality but faster.

  • Make use of Unreal’s blueprints to expand on every game and create new mechanic which works in your game.

What’s more? If you struggle with programming and coding, you are in luck! This course gives you examples upon examples guiding you through the fundamentals of Blueprint programming. So that in little to no time, you will be able to make magic with Blueprints.

You will finally get a course that teaches you how to build a game, from A to Z. When you are done, you will know how to make quality 3D that sets you apart.

Don’t let change stop you from building your skills. Simply click the Enroll Now button to get started right now!

More about the Instructor:

Merlion SG Academy is an online training website offering video courses taught by industry experts in game development,

they has enjoyed sharing their knowledge and has given a way to quickly provide very specific training to those students who learn game development online and helps your career move forward.

We believed that Your career is defined by what you know and how well you know it.

NOTE FOR STUDENTS – please take a look at Section 1 / Lecture 1 to downloads for the source attachment link with the lesson.)

Part 1: Chess Game


Project SetUp

Chess 1 - Project Setup

Chess Piece Setup

Chess 2 - Piece Setup

Path Finding Setup

Chess 3 - Pathfinding Setup

Pawn Path Finding And Movement

Chess 4 - Pawn Pathfinding and Movement

Finishing Piece Movement

Chess 5 - Finishing Piece Movement

Path Highlighting and More Path Finding

Chess 6 - Path Highlighting and More Pathfinding

Castling and Turns

Chess 7 - Castling and Turns

King Check, Main Menu, and Game Over

Chess 8 - King Check, Main Menu, and Game Over

Part 2: Tower Defense Game

TBGam 00 - Introduction to course

Project Setup

TDGame 01 - Project Set Up
TDGame 02 - Setting up the board tile

Creating The Tower And UI

TDGame 03 - Creating the tower and UI
TDGame 04 - Making the interaction with the tower
TDGame 05 - Adding the description and infomation panel

Adding The Enemy

TDGame 06 - Adding the enemy
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