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Sketchup Architect Mastering Roofs

Learn how to create Hip roofs, Gable roofs, offest roofs and dormers. Also learn how to use the Instant Roof Plugin
Thomas Soltren
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After taking this course student will be able to model hip roofs, gable roofs, offset roofs and dormers. They will also learn how to use the Plugin Instant roof. Students will be able to model roofs quickly and effectively.

Do you want to learn  how to  build a roof in sketchup in just a few minutes?  In my career I have drawn thousands of roofs in sketchup.  After years of modeling i’ve learned a quick and easy way of creating roofs without over complicating the process. In this course you will learn my techniques of creating groups and roof profiles that have allowed me to create simple to complex roofs in just a few minutes.  We will go through my workflow and thought process as we create hip roofs, gable roofs, tile roofs, metal roofs and details such as gutters, downspouts, cornices. We will also go over a very useful plugin call “instant roof” that allows you to create roofs even faster!  After taking this course you will be able to create a great looking roof in your sketchup model in just a matter of minutes.  Lets get started today

Creating Roofs in Sketchup

Intro to Sketchup Architect

Introduction to Sketchup Architect and it's founder Thomas Soltren. 

Creating Hip Roofs

How to create a hip roof using only the sketchup toolbar

Seperating roof elements

How to seperate roof elements into different groups

Creating roof rafter tails

How to create roof rafter tails using only sketchup toolbars functions

Creating an offset roof

How to create roofs at different bearing heights

Creating a gable roof with the sketchup toolbar

How to create a gable roof using sketchup toolbars

Creating downspouts and gutters

How to create a downspout and gutter

Creating a tile roof with instant roof plugin

How to create a tile roof using the Instant roof plugin

Creating a metal roof with instant roof plugin

Creating a metal roof using the instant roof plugin

Creating a gable end roof with Instant roof plugin

Creating a Gable end roof with the plugin instant roof

Creating roof dormers with the Instant roof plugin

How to create roof dormers with the plugin instant roofs

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