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Unreal Engine 4.x Projects

Explore the world of professional game development with Unreal Engine 4 in this project-based video
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Understand the foundation of Unreal Engine 4
Get hands-on with beginner to advanced-level visual scripting via Unreal Blueprints
See how to modify Unreal game assets to fit your design
Get involved in Unreal material creation, giving your game that extra edge
Get to grips with advanced problem solving, and how to think Unreal
Know how to quickly implement changes to your game

If you want to do more with Unreal Engine 4 and dive deep into the
amazing capabilities that it has to offer, then this video is the right
choice for you. In this video, you will learn how to create 2 different
Unreal Engine 4 games.

The design complexity of each game increases gradually to give you a
complete overview of Unreal Engine 4 and its amazing features. You will
learn to implement advanced shading techniques, create stunning
graphics, leverage the rendering power of Unreal Engine to get the best
out of it.

The experience of creating a variety of games from scratch will help
you get a clear grip on Unreal Engine 4 and enable you to become a pro
game developer with Unreal Engine 4.

About The Author

Mike Sill is a 3D Artist from Cleveland, OH, working in Los Angeles, CA. He has used Epic’s Unreal Engine since 2007 and professionally since 2012. Mike has had the honor of working alongside the likes of Jesse Schell, Patrick Hanenberger, and Dan Gregoire. Mike currently works as an Engine Artist making pre-viz and post-viz sequences for theme parks, Hollywood films, and AAA videogame titles.

Some of Mike’s notable works

  • Mike was in charge of the Hero SHD Agent customization and loadout as well as others. He set dressed environments and handled lighting for many shots. Among other tasks were rendering snowfall, as well as exporting/importing motion capture and other prop, vehicle, and camera animations.
  • Mike set dressed the launch bay, sculpted planets, and procedurally generated the entire 37,000km terrain of Terra Nova. The Ride was rendered with the awesome power of Unreal Engine 4.

    Getting Started With Unreal Engine 4

    The Course Overview

    This is to give you a brief information about the course.

    Unreal Engine 4 Navigation

    The aim of this video is to learn how to manipulate the UE4 viewport and understand the main menus.

    The Fundamentals of Level Design and Unreal Assets

    What are we dealing with in regards to geometry and manipulating the different kinds of geometric actors in UE4? How do we utilize them to create quick and rough environments or Greyboxing?

    Utilizing Unreal Engine’s Material Editor

    How to we add beauty to our games? What is PBR and how do we accomplish realistic rendering with Unreal Materials? How do we create these materials?

    Prefabs and Blueprints: A Guide To Efficiency

    We need to streamline our greybox workflow. In this video learn what a prefab is and how, in UE4, do we utilize blueprints to bend menial tasks to our will.

    Remembering The Classics: Mastering the Mechanics of Pong

    Design Analysis and Greybox

    To setup our playfield and project files.

    Ready Player One

    With this video learn to create a paddle that will be controlled by the player and make a camera that will view our game from a top-down orthographic perspective.

    Play Ball

    The aim of this video is to make a ball that collides with our paddle and other objects in the game.

    A Challenger Approaches

    The aim of this video is to create a functioning paddle that is controlled by AI.


    We need to make goals and a win condition.

    Taking It Further

    Keeping Score

    How do we change our game with polish to make it fun and interesting, and how do we display our score within the level?

    Fun with Physics

    Learn what is Impulse, and how can we incorporate its use into our paddle system.

    Fun with Physics (Continued)

    In this video explore how to create a fun pop-bumper mechanic and implement a multiball function?

    Spawn the Ball

    How can we move our game logic, such that the ball can be spawned, destroyed, and respawned? How can we keep our game score if the ball is destroyed?

    Volley Count for Multiball

    With this video, get to know how to create a fun multiball mechanic.

    Game Time

    How do we implement a timer that will not only count down, but also display in the 00:00 format and end our game upon completion?

    Wrapping Up

    How do we add particle systems to our game in a fun way?

    Breaking Down the 2D Platformer

    Project Analysis and Level 1

    How do we make a fun and interesting side-scrolling platform game?

    Jumping Around

    The aim of this video is to create fluid character movement and limit those movements to make the game challenging.

    Implementing the Obstacle

    The aim of this video is to create a rolling barrel obstacle that damages our player.

    The Platform and the Power-Up

    How do we create a platform system that activates when our player enters a volume? Also, how can we make our character have limited invincibility upon collecting a coin?

    The Platform and the Power-Up (Continued)

    How can we make our character have limited invincibility upon collecting a coin? Also, how can we represent that visually during the game?

    Reaching Safety

    How do we begin and end the game? Also, lets learn how might we create a launch pad that will push our character onto the final platform.

    Raycasting and UMaps

    Raycasting and You

    Can we trigger interaction via Linetracing/Raycasting?

    Adding the Scoring System

    With this video learn how to create a scoring system that utilizes raycasting when the player jumps successfully over a barrel obstacle.

    The Next Level

    Can we make a new level with a new enemy mechanic, while also utilizing and modifying existing blueprints to create an exciting and challenging experience?

    Creating the Enemy

    The aim of this video is to learn how to create an enemy that patrols between two points in space.

    Spawn the Elevators

    How do we modify our Elevator BP, such that the level will spawn our Elevators and they will move automatically, regardless of player overlap?

    Collecting the Coin

    With this video learn to create a Level Goal,that requires the player to collect a certain amount of coins in order to access the end area.

    Reaching Finish Line Through Obstacles

    How do we make an obstacle that blocks progress to the end, yet can be cleared upon collection 100% of coins? Also with this video get to know how we can utilize Matinee to show the player that the path to the finish is clear.

    The Final Level

    Finally create a third and final level to wrap things up.

    The Dangerous Obstacle

    The aim of this video is to modify our Barrel Launcher blueprint to become a dangerous obstacle.

    World Traveler

    Now that we have multiple levels, how do we travel between them?

    Going For the Title

    Insert Coin

    Can we create an in-game main menu with UE4, and what do we need to add or modify?

    Push the Button

    With this video let's take a look at how can we setup a main menu that feeds into a level select menu and also allows us to exit the game.

    Push the Button (Continued)

    Now that we have a visual menu, how can we make it functional?

    Bring the Noise

    The aim of this video is to add sound to our menu and game.

    Recap and Polish

    How can we add a consistent look and feel to our game? Can we turn our game into an .EXE file to share with our friends? You will get to know with this video.

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